A comprehensive assessment designed by remote work experts to help:

Co-located teams scale-up and transition to remote teams or hybrid/work from home teams 

Build new teams and scale-up as remote teams


Get your team assessed by certified experts using validated tests, and compliant processes and procedures.

Psychometric Test

Proprietary psychometric test that is validated by the American Psychological Association and the British Psychological Association.

Psychometric Test Analysis and Feedback

A certified Occupational/Organizational Psychologist or a certified Psychometrician will help interpret the data and provide feedback.

HR Tech and Remote Team Management

Leverage HRTech to increase productivity and efficiency.

Ergonomics and Well-being

A certified Physiotherapist or Ergonomist will assess the workplace/home offices as per US/UK OSHA recommended guidelines.

International Law Compliance for Remote Workers

Assessment by qualified lawyers who also are experts at remote work-related litigation.

Psychometric Test
Test results feedback to employer and employees
Home office ergonomics assessment
Physical Wellness
Daily Warm-ups, Reboot Body Breaks exercise
1 hour video consultation for an individual`s wellness issue
HR Tech
Assessment of HR tech in use with recommendations
Assessment of Team communication.
Legal & Compliance
Employment contract review with edit suggestions
Consultation to adhere and comply with international laws and standards for employment as set by Conventions and international organizations.
Re-drafting of a model/template of the employment contract that complies with international laws and standards

Bespoke packages and enterprise quotations are available upon request.


The All Remotely assessments help employers understand the remote readiness of their employees and processes, by providing comprehensive assessments that enable co-located teams to transition to remote teams (either hybrid or work from home), build or scale up new teams as remote teams.

These assessments will serve as the groundwork before a team decides to transition to a remote or a hybrid model.

The assessments were created after years of experience leading and scaling remote and hybrid teams and defending such teams for compliance-related lawsuits, workplace injuries, and HR-related issues in the courts of law.

Our assessments have helped reduce workplace injuries and related compensation claims by 13% and save up to USD 170,000 in litigation in 2020.


Bhagyashree Pancholy is a lawyer and an operations specialist who has been working remotely for the past nine years with SaaS companies. Coming from an operational background, she emphasizes on the need to understand the team and business needs before going remote.

Denis Barnard is an internationally-recognised HR & payroll technology specialist with nearly 20 years’ successful remote working experience. His mission is about harnessing  technology for the good of employer and employee alike. 

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