How are these assessments useful for my team?

All Remotely's assessments are built after years of experience in managing, leading and scaling remote and hybrid teams.

The assessments are the needed groundwork before your team decides to transition to the remote or the hybrid model.

Assessing employees, remote managers, HRtech and legal policies and contracts is important to know how "remote ready" your employees and processes are. Ergonomic assessment will ensure that the team has the necessary furniture and equipment to prevent workplace injuries.

Are these mandatory assessments?

The ergonomic assessment is a mandatory compliance in the EU.

Other assessments are not legally mandatory but will highlight individuals that are better suited to work remotely and the ones who will need extra help in terms of coaching and mentoring.

Can these assessments be used for hiring?

Yes. The Basic package that includes the psychometric test, feedback on the test and the ergonomic assessment is a favourite amongst companies that is looking to hire new talent to work remotely or in a hybrid model.

The psychometric test will highlight the remote working abilities and behaviours of an individual while the ergonomic assessment will help you gauge if the person has the right set of hardware and furniture to work from home.

Do these help in hiring remote managers?

Yes. With the world adopting the hybrid model, our psychometric test also helps in identifying which individual is more likely to succeed as a remote manager and which individual needs training.

Our test is one of the very few validated tests to help clients hire the right remote managers.